Parental Experience Talks

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Having a child diagnosed with Down's Syndrome can be a worrying experience for parents and it need not be if approached with up to date knowledge and the positive lived experience of families who have a child with the condition. It may be hard to envision what life is like with a child who has Down's Syndrome, which is why we provide parental experience talks to any organisation that wishes to learn a little bit more in detail about what our lives are like.

Our parental experience talks can be tailored to whatever your organisation requires and focus on areas you wish to learn more about. In talks to healthcare professionals we discuss how parents would like to be given a diagnosis of Down's Syndrome, what language to use to ensure a smooth delivery, up to date information about managing the condition and how to alleviate parental anxiety at this time. In talks to educational professionals we discuss strategies for inclusion and techniques to support learning and development from early years through to lifelong learning. You will find any Three 21 talk refreshing, uplifting and full of positivity about Down's Syndrome.