Welcome To The World Packs​​​​​​​

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Three 21 provide Welcome to the World packs to families with a new baby born with Down's Syndrome in the North East. Our packs are free of charge, easily storable and provide vital support after diagnosis.

In our packs we include a personal letter from Rachel, Marc and Betsy that explains our journey alongside Down's Syndrome and offers a welcome familiarity for new parents. We provide information leaflets on local Down's Syndrome support groups and relevant organisations that families may want to contact. The pack contains a lovely book from national charity 'Wouldn't Change A Thing' which gives parents an insight into the lives of other families who have a child with the condition. Alongside this book, we offer a copy of 'Ava the Mermaid', a beautiful children's book about inclusion and perfect for siblings. To say 'Congratulations!' we also gift new families a cute bib, Child's Farm baby toiletries and a range of other presents.

Our Welcome to the World packs not only provide new families with the tools they need to access help and support after receiving their child's diagnosis of Down's Syndrome, but also help to alleviate any anxiety by ensuring that families know they are not alone. The North East has a vibrant and rich community of people with Down's Syndrome, and their families that are eager to welcome new parents and their little ones with open arms.